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Dignity Aprons

We have teamed up with  All Shorts Ltd to design a range front only tabards as part of our bespoke service. 

These are designed to give great cover to wheelchair users or to people in other circumstances where a standard tabard is unsuitable.

Multi-purpose wipe clean PVC and waterproof front-only tabards edged in a bias binding finish for extra comfort and a smarter finish.

Designed to keep the wearer clean and dry.

What makes them so good?


Durable and long-lasting, these protective garments fully enclose the neck keeping the chest area dry.  They cover the waist and and overhang the sides of the chair to offer even more protection. 


The neck is fastened at the rear by hook and loop tape, to ensure comfortable and easy fastening.


If necessary an extendable detachable waist tie may be used to hold the tabard in place; by looping round the profile of the chair and fastening at the back with easy-to-use interlocking  clips.


At the time of ordering you have the choice to add a multipurpose oval front pocket, which can either be used for general storage or as a collection pouch for spillages and unexpected accidents.


There is a range of sizes available from three years to large adult 

Two waterproof fabrics; pu coated polyester or pvc

Five colours to choose from: Blue, Red, Green, White and yellow


For more information and to order please contact All Shorts UK Ltd by clicking this link to their website or by telephoning our sales line on 01782 970741.


Described as "age-related and practical" by Horton Lodge Community Special School, Rudyard, Nr Leek, to whom we owe our grateful thanks for the photography for this excitingly new product.