Meet The Team

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Andrew is Co Founder and Director of UK Aprons Ltd.  It was from his experience of working in a school for children with additonal needs that he saw the necessity for higher quality, more durable, affordable aprons, and thus UK Aprons was born.  Andrew used to work in theatre both within set design and ticket sales, meeting a range of stars!.  His favourite shows to work on were Pantomimes, mainly because of the imagination and creativity of the sets. His favourite show to watch is Les Miserables. 

The Directors

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Jenny, Co Founder and Director, started off being the only machinist of UK Aprons, bringing her sewing and patten making skills to the company. Jenny used to make most of her clothes, both for work and socialising. Now the sewing team has grown Jenny oversees that all of our products still meet her high standards.  Jenny used to work for The Queen Alexandra's in medical records and spent 5 years travelling all around the UK. Jenny has also worked within the council.  These administrative skills have come in very handy!  Jenny is also a Reiki Master. 



Lucy joined the team back in 2020 as a part time machinist, having previously worked in the NHS and Retail Managment.  Lucy stepped up to the role of Director in January 2022, after being Sales and Marketing Manager. 

Lucy has always loved designing, sewing and crafting and uses these skills to help with the design and creative processes within product design as well as continuing her role within the Marketing Department.



Beata started with us at the begining of 2021 as a machinist.  She started sewing in a factory in Poland and has gone onto sew a wide range of products, from clothes to flags and bunting. Beata is a skilled and avid sewer and continues this skill at home by making amazing outfits for her two dogs.  Beata's favourite items of ours are our Japanese style crossover aprons. 



Sylwia, also from Poland, started with us in the summer of 2021, and used to sew clothes for other people and has also worked as a machinist in factories.  Sewing is still a hobby, but when not sewing Sylwia loves to travel.  Sylwia's favourite items are our double oven gloves.  Both Sylwia and Beata bring their skills to our pattern making and product development too.


The Sewing Team